Updates on Qsat.

Hello guys, I just thought i should share with you some freebies and what we have been enjoying on qsat 26g and q28g pending when our darling Azsky would come up. I often receive calls and emails from the chinese that they will soon restore service but they have to accommodate their new decoder to the server. It might interest you to know know that, barely few hours to when Azsky wants to launch it new decoder that dstv struck which results to the untimely death of all cccam and other dongles. But i 100% assure guys that Azsky will be back soon as they want some account to run out before they turn on the server and begin the sale of it new decoder.

Now back to the business of the day. I will be only be talking about Qsat q26g and Qsat q28g.

They work alike but Q28g is more upgraded and updated to q26. On both decoders currently working as at this post, Gotv, Dstv on 36E and canasal on 22W are currently blazing on Q28g as well as q26g. Gotv only works on Q28g. It also supports terrestrial signal. i.e, If you remember the old antenna we are using like 30 years ago, which looks like the new gotv antenna, You can also use it on your qsat 28g and scan local channels. It also supports IPTV as well, youtube, google browser et all….

Also, there are some few good FTA channels working and good as well for the sports loving fans, but you must have at least 1.3m dish above to enjoy them. There are some FTA articles on this website if you are interested on FTA.

I still very mush insist that, we should try as much as possible to save as IPTV technology is real and coming to stay.Soon we are going purely digital. No more antenna or dish things. I had also introduced the best IPTV decoder which is on this website for your consideration. Though the only disadvantages is that, we have poor network and high cost of data.


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