In my last article which you can find here , we bring you latest update on the satelite or say dongle world.

Pardon for not updating you after the last article about the recent attack from dstv. This was due to observance on some dongles as 1 or 2 dongles started working few hours after the attack.
Infact as i speak,Qsat is the only dongle working 80% and opening major dstv channels. As at the post of this articles, Qsat is still working and sources told me that
the old qsat decoders would be shut down soon as Qsat has introduced it new box which is “Q28G” and still testing as it has not been officially launched into the market due to the
current war with dstv.
Azsky has been trying to come back fully for like 5 days now but it service is still epileptic. As to my knowledge, i think 65% work has been done to it damaged server and some channels are working with 100% stability since 48 hours.Channels currently working on Azsky are, ss4, ss5, ss7, skyN and so on.
but before now, ss1, MPREM and MNET has been working but not stable.In the look of things, there’s light in the tunnel as Azsky would be fully back in few days.
Only Qsat is currently working perfectly as to my opinion their server is on ghost mode as it seems the recent attack didn’t affected it. As for it stability, its far more better than as some few days ago.
So if your Qsat is not decrypting premuim channels, the following might give you an insight what the problem is;
1. Slow internet connection. This is due to you using sim card that doesn’t currently works with the decoder. such network is Etisalat.
2. If your Qsat has been upgraded to the latest software and not decrypting any premium channels it means your subscription has been expired.
Although, the price of Qsat account has been increased by 30% because it’s currently the only decoder working perfectly. I won’t blame them though as they deserve all the money or whatever.
Other account like A+ and all CCCAM account are still down and won’t guarantee it return.
In conclusion, i won’t advice anyone to purchase any decoder for now or account until my next article.. Happy Reading!!!
The comment box is open for questions and i would be glad to answer all your questions to my best of knowledge.

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