Where to Watch the 2016/2017 FA Cup and Update on Sony Entertainment

Last weekend being, 7th, 2017, many was left stranded and running around where to Watch the FA cup third round ties. Normally, the matches should have been on sony six and sony espn on Intelsat 68.5 but this year, it’s all a different stories. Now they have started switching important matches to their hd platform on 66.0E and 100.5E. Incase you’re not aware, 100.5E has already been blocked. I mean they already added videogaurd to it. This means soon, 66.0E would be also be blocked because we’re trying to see what they want to do.

Sony 66.0E can only be gotten from 8ft dish (2.4m) upwards for stable signal because they have increased their signal recently as it was from 12ft upwards before we can even capture the signal. So when tracking sony 66.0E, and you already have sp24 in the East as well, if you’re not using a motorized dish and you have just 2.4m, you can’t use any as parasite because both are somewhat weak.


On 12ft dish, 3m, 91% could only be achieved, and you need minimum of 72% for stable signal which you would only get from 2.4m dish. In other to not make your dish wasteful, you need to add sp24 East to it which is a suicide mission irrespective your location, so you must play with your dish to switch to 66.0E and 57E whenever you need it as combo won’t work.

Just as i keep advising, things are changing really fast. IPTV/Andriod box is really selling hot. Just as i keep saying, depending on where you stream a live match, iptv servers differs. We have servers that could drive from 121kb/s and we have servers that could also drive from 1Mbps, so that’s the reason people complain it consumes data because you got the wrong device. Android box, i watched full 90 minutes match between manuinted vs Reading and used just 220MB, because the resolution was 480p. Check out this pictures if you won’t think it’s an HD.


(Manunited vs Reading) 7th January, 2017


Live on Btsports2


We have about 6 LTE services in lagos state alone and you just need minimum of 3G services to watch any live matches on the android box with our builds. You can keep listening to talks around that iptv consumes data but i tell you the truth, technology is advancing and things has really changed. Personally i have invited people to my own home, they saw it and buy it. Instead of running around looking for dish, 66.0E would be gone soon. You need Android box to support your sp24 if you have the setup and then only use the Android box whenever there’s live matches sports 24 won’t show. You will hardly use more than 300mb per match because our installed builds on the box have maximum of 560p so you have nothing to worry about. They said empty brains makes the largest noise, it’s only those that doesn’t know that makes noise around. I haven’t spent a single weekend without watching my team playing on Android box. People i never expected they will touch or use iptv are using Appolo IPTV on 4950H. It’s fun. Cable TV has no match to IPTV. That’s the fact except you choose to listen to lies.

We have pre-loaded boxes in stock. Soon we would have our on shop on konga.com. The reason we haven’t done that yet is because the price difference would be 18% higher if you don’t get from us directly.

Contact us for Android box, auto roll decoders and other satellite equipment and satellite installation services around Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, South Africa. +2347066330624 through whatsapp, 07066330624 phone call.

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8 thoughts on “Where to Watch the 2016/2017 FA Cup and Update on Sony Entertainment

  1. @pakogist, it’s true android box is cool. Watched a match at my friend’s house and he was using android box. But using less than 300mb to watch a match is amazing, please is it an addon you use that uses less than 300mb? Because my friends android box uses above 400mb.

  2. Hello Boss, i just want to commend you for the education concerning Sony entertainment and other educational tutorial,
    God blessing should be upon you all ways

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