Watch all Copa America matches on starsat live and on HD

Hi there, i decided to single out this from one of the article i published few days ago listing alternatives where to watch Copa America, but starsat wasn’t on the list, that was why i have to bring this up.

Starsat just as on my previous post is the dish version of startimes, the other startimes you often see at every home is the terrestrial version. Starsat can be easily tracked and this is to me the best options for those that can only be allowed to install only 90 -100cm dish in their home due to rules from some strict or wicked landlords. Starsat can be nailed with 90cm dish with this popular TP, (11938 V 27500, or 12379 H 27500) placing your lnb at 6’oclock. It’s a kuband and located in 4.8e, which we mostly call “SES5”, and it can be also be gotten on 90cm in most of the African countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya etc…

I talked about cccam that opens the football channels where they will televise all the copa America matches which are on HDs, i mean 1920×1080 piccture resolution. If you have a quality HDMI cable or good TV, plus Qsat or any good cccam enabled decoder, you will know what i’m talking about.

After you have tracked, just blindscan and contact me for cccam to open it. To say the truth, the cccam hasn’t freeze since the day i started using it, so i won’t deceive or take my followers for granted just because i want to sell. I don’t live or feed with all this, but i just enjoy writing, educating and helping the ordinary man like me, to at least enjoy what the rich men are enjoying too since the talk of the town is now “145

Here are some pics shared from some of my followers in Ghana, Kenya that got the cccam from me. Don’t think it’s for Nigerians alone and it won’t work in your country if you are reading this outside Nigeria


From Kenya


That’s from my own TV 😀


And that is Orisun.

Other channels like ST yoruba, irokoplay,etv, NTA,AIT,STV,CHANNELS etc are all working perfectly.

Now if you have only one 100cm dish and it’s on 9e, and you want to join us on SES5, do like me. Check out this image.


When you stand infront of the dish, from your left, primary is 9e,then 7e, and then 5e which is starsat. To your right, it’s 16e. I will try to publish a comprehensive post about that soon. But if you need that multiple lnb holder, We have it in stock.

For those that has the Andriod box, you know you’re already covered. Someone that got the box from me few days ago, sent me this and said “thank you for saving me money”!!!



Click HERE to learn how to setup qsat and strong to use cccam

Get your own copy of Andriod box, and stable cccam for starsat from pakogist. Here’re my contact details;, whatsapp and email 07066330624


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