Where To Watch The English League Cup (Carling Cup)

Last season, it was all Dsthieves with their outrageous subscription rates, low contents as well as repeated movies to it over 1 million subscribers within and outside Nigeria. Apart from it sports channels, you find out that other channels could be subscribed with as low as one thousand eight hundred naira (#1800.00). They always boost as the one and only, no one else, apart from us, but thanks to other pay tv providers that has come in to gradually putting hot charcoal under their bed, making them to start loosing some tv rights.

Currently, Kwese tv owns the carling cup right and 2018 FIFA world cup, while Startimes smile away with bundesliga right and other sporting right. Now Dsthieves are left with just the English premier league right, FA cup and Champions league. Even with that, with the high subscription rate, they still make it difficult for the view center owners to show matches of their choices after paying such huge amount of money. TSTV, another pay tv provider is about launching it service with the pay per view (PPV) options on all it bouquets, no wonder Dsthieves recently introduced PPV but had yet to implement it. Let the competition begins.

Straight to the point, i’m only interested on where and how to watch my team playing for free or even paying less. Dsthieves won’t be showing the carling cup, so the question is, where can we watch it? Here are list of options i gathered that would be easier and the cheapest;



HOTBIRD- Not 100% sure yet


KWESE SPORTS- Kwese has officially begins selling it decoders to consumers. To me, buying the decoder just for carling cup that the bigger teams are not interested in would be a waste of money. If you take a look at the EPL now, all top teams had spent billions of dollars recruiting players, and they won’t want to let injuries affect any of the players for competition that doesn’t count as a trophy or an achievement even if you win it, so they would want to use their academy players and of course you know, other smaller clubs in the EPL would edge them out so as they would focus on champions league and the EPL title. Having said that, Kwese currently have three sports channels namely kwese free sports, Kwese sport 1 and kwese sport 2. Kwese free sports can be gotten for free and would be broadcasting two (2) EFL matches and you can easily get them without paying. How?

  • Kwese free sports is currently free to air on multi tv platform, i’m sure dealers would report so as they lock it. – Dish size, 60cm
  • They’re also free to air on 22.0W. It has been free to air for some few months. Dish size, 60cm
  • They’re on Belintelsat 51.0E, currently locked to biss key. The biss key is available on my blog. Dish size, from 1.3cm upwards with di-electric plate.
  • If you want to watch everything and have money to waste, you can purchase their decoder, then if your club got eliminated, your subscription will roast until it expires.


 MCOT HD and MCOT FAMILY- I have published an article on Mcot HD and family on my blog, so you can find it and track it. Just a recap, here are some tips and what you should need to get Mcot HD and family;

Track sony on intelsat 68.5e without di-electric plate. Get the highest signal and while in-front of your dish, move right a bit and down.

3520 H 28125
11 12 22 45 33 34 44 AB

→Thaicom 5 (78.5°E)
►3520 H 28125 (MPEG4ᴴᴰ/$)
►SID: 0030
►11 12 22 45 33 34 44 AB

→Thaicom 5 (78.5°E)
►3920 H 30000 (MPEG4/$)
►SID: 0612/0264
►67 14 FC 77 50 17 FF 66

Make sure the front is 100% free from blockage else, you will get oromia tv, but you won’t get Mcot package. Mcot will show all the carling cup this week.

HOTBIRD – Well as the name implies “hotbird” the satellite is really hot, but i’m not so sure if carling cup would be on it. I overheard some guys saying 2 matches would be on Eleven sport extra, but i have nothing much to say. If you are currently locked on to the bird, don’t put all your eggs into the bag.


This where the Android tv box comes in. With this device, you watch everything and anything. Just get a little data, watch your team, disconnect the box and keep it safe for another day. That’s it. Rather than keep buying, buying and buying, the device is a permanent fix with no monthly or yearly subscription. It comes loaded with our premium apk loaded with over 1000 channels. Learn more about the Android tv box here. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you that you need it. If you want to confirm what i’m saying, visit any view center to watch the carling cup, take a close look at the logo on the tv screen and write it down. Then google it to find out if it could be nailed in Nigeria or not. As a die hard sport fan, you need to spend wisely. Sport 24 won’t give you carling cup.

You can order for Android tv box online here => https://www.jumia.com.ng/packdroid-ent/. If you want it plug and play, fully loaded, you can order from us offline. 07066330634. whatsapp or call.

Having issues tracking or want to make any contributions? Please make use of the comment form rather than calling.


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  1. Good Afternoon Satellite Geek,

    Please, Kindly help with the Kwese free sport biss key.
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  2. gud day the best guy who is always trust worthy. pls keep us update about TSTV and let us know if we can get from you when its finally lunched

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