Watch the EPL, UCL, Laliga And other Football Leagues on Ote Sports Eutelsat 9.0e

Back in the early days of Eutelsat 9.0e, we enjoyed the then digisports packages for the English premier league and other football cup competitions. After digisports left, we seems to forget that we have other packages on the same satellite that offers same cup competitions and even on English commentaries.

Cosmote Sport is a premium Sports service in Greece and is owned by OTE. It launched in 2009 as Conn-x TV Sports and is currently available via OTE’s Pay-TV services Cosmote TV via IPTV and Cosmote TV via satellite. It consists of nine channels and features live soccer coverage (over 100 Live matches per month) from top leagues in Europe including Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A as well as exclusive coverage of the Greek Football Cup and Copa Libertadores. It also airs coverage of other sports including Formula 1, Volleyball and Tennis. It was announced that Cosmote Sport has the rights to show Premier League for the next 3 years (2013-2016). Also, Cosmote TV has the rights to show UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League for the next 3 years (2015-2018).

  • Cosmote Sport Highlights HD
  • Cosmote Sport 1HD: Live matches from Premier League Bundesliga Serie A various derbies and minute by minute UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League show
  • Cosmote Sport 2HD: All live matches for LaLiga and live matches from UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League
  • Cosmote Sport 3HD: Live matches from UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Premier League Bundesliga 2. Bundesliga and Serie A
  • Cosmote Sport 4HD: All live home matches of AEK Athens BC and Olympiacos BC and matches from NBA Liga ACB and Turkish Basketball Super League and live matches from UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League
  • Cosmote Sport 5HD: Live grand prix from Formula 1 Moto GP and WRC and live matches from UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Premier League Bundesliga Serie A CEV Champions League and EHF Champions League
  • Cosmote Sport 6HD: All ATP World Tour Masters 1000 ATP World Tour 500 ATP World Tour Finals and some ATP World Tour 250 series
  • Cosmote Sport 7HD: Live matches from UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Premier League Bundesliga Serie A and grand prix from Moto GP
  • Cosmote Sport 8HD: Live matches from UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Premier League Bundesliga Serie A CEV Champions League and ATP World Tour Masters 1000 ATP World Tour 500 series (Wikipedia)

Cosmote sports Also known as Ote sports is located on the Eurobird 9.0e and currently scrambled. Back then, there have been no receiver, cccam that could be able to unscramble it even up till this very moment. The only receiver capable of unscrambling Cosmote sports is the Tiger T3000 and Tiger T8 ultra decoders and some few others running on forever server and also Gshare running on the latest 3.109 version. Learn more about Tiger T3000 and T8 ultra.

There are still some unresolved questions why those in the western part of Nigeria could only receive signal on 90cm to 100cm dish, and as well as getting all the cosmote sports using 3oocm dish. Outside the western part of Nigeria, you would need about 300cm dish in other to get cosmote 4 and 7 we do receive here with a 100cm dish. Sounds as a misery right? Also, there have been this powerful lnb, inverto black ultra that is being used to get a good reception outside western part of Nigeria but the lnb is just so scarce and very expensive. If you need one as well, you could as well reach me. Another unresolved question is, if this Eurobird is even existing because it’s still proofing too difficult to receive signal. All i know is, if you have been following my articles back in the days of digisports, you should be able to track the satellite easily, or you could as well go through my past post to  learn more about the satellite or look for a qualified local installer to help you, while you learn.

Forever server are mostly interested on sports packages, though, they also opens many stubborn channels on hotbird, hispasat that no cccam or gshare could do for years. For now, we have in stock the Tiger T3000 and T8 ultra. T3000 is a 4k receiver and on Android kitkat 4.4  as well and has so many advantages over  the Tiger T8 ultra when it comes to other functions, but same receiver opens same channels.

Here are some few points to note before thinking about investing on any of the above mentioned tiger receivers;

  • It’s the best bet to those that currently have from 300cm dish upwards because you could as well get hotbird and hispasat on same dish, depending on your location.
  • Cosmote sports 4 and 7 only comes up on 100cm dish in some part of the western Nigeria while others comes up using from 300cm dish upwards.
  • It comes with 12 months forever server and it’s renewable.
  • Cosmote sports signal isn’t uniformed. For an example, in my location, i do receive  162 channels using startimes dish, while the next state close to me could only receive 80 channels using same dish and lnb, more channels could come up as well base on the height of the dish, for those that understand.
  • If you don’t have above 2.4m dish, it’s best you consider Android tv box to watch anything and every costmote packages because getting the tiger receiver because of cosmote 4 and 7 is a waste of money.
  • The receiver is made in china, but the server is by a fresh group of hackers in the far east, reason why it’s somewhat expensive, but sure affordable.
  • It also opens 90% channels on Eurobird 9.0e  including sport 1 hd, OSN packages, Hotbird, hispasat and other Eurobirds within our reach.
  • Possibility of unscrambling  dsthieves supersports in the future is 70% because they both have similar encryption to cosmote sports and novasports packages it opens on hotbird.
  • It’s not advisable for small dish owners, except you would want to buy it and having faith it would open other small dish packages.
  • It also opens seasat and tvsat packages on Eutelsat 16e
  • Both receivers are capable of opening all the packages mentioned above but have different other functions.
  • They also come with 12 months IPTV account on request.
  • It could go off anytime, or becomes unstable. So before you consider putting up your money, just have it in mind that you are playing gamble, 50 50.
  • Delivery time after payment is 24-48 hours, already activated and tested for you to just plug and play.

If you still want my advice and don’t want to gamble, choose from my Android tv boxes here to enjoy yourself and never regret wasting your money. If you want it fully loaded before shipping, reach me on 07066330624 or whatsapp.

There have been this rumors about TSTV, the new Tv provider in town, i don’t bow to rumors, i would only update my blog if i have laid my hands on it. My advice for you is to keep calm and not waste your money. Some say it’s pay as you go (PAYG). Remember how Glo, MTN and other ISP charges miserably on their PAYG offer right?


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  1. Android TV box without premium account is useless now that KODI is down.All the streaming apps turn to mishave during live matches

  2. I am your favorite reader always enjoys reading your Post. However, I live in Ghana but you don’t cover us in your discussion. We have problems with satellite locations, signals and dish size in tracking some signals. Can you also extend your business to Ghana not only Nigeria, Nigeria. Thank u

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