Watch EPL,UCL,LALIGA,FA CUP,EUROPA on Digisports 9 degree East

For some time now, i have been talking about this wonderful andriod device and those that have it now keep linking it up with their family and friends, companies, shops, hotels and they admit it’s really wonderful. For some weeks now, researches has been going on for backup for HD 24 and sony as incase you don’t know, NSS20W where HD 24 is currently located, the satellite would be dead in a months time. Hang on let me break this down. Any satellite that is launched to the space has a life span. Some live for 10 years, some 20 ,some more and some less, unfortunately, nss20w is amongst one of the satellite that will be dead in April,2016. For now we don’t know if the bird would be replaced or if they plan migration to a new sat. Currently we have HD 24 on 3 different satellites located at;

-NSS 47.5°W-4163 R 9247-PowerVU(C-Band)
-NSS 57.0°E- 4147 R 9245 -PowerVU(C-Band)
-NSS 20°W- 4131 R 15404-PowerVU(C-Band)

The easiest of all is the  one located at 22w. 47.5 is not reachable while 57.0 E requires minimum of 2.4m dish and it’s very stubborn like sony on 68.5.

Now nothing to be scared about as an alternative has been found. Now i will be discussing the alternatives and as well on how to track this new bird.

Eutelsat 9e was discovered last week and could be tracked with minimum of 90cm dish.The bigger the dish, the more the channels. But the thing is, it’s a tricky bird. what i meant is, the frequencies and symbol rate on that satellite is also available on 4 different sat. So whenever you’re tracking it, when you hit green, don’t rejoice yet because it might be zuku packages, or dsthieves or ses5 or madagascar or even canalsat you saw.

Amongst the stations on the bird are digisports, ote sports, and so on. digisports and ote sports has the official broadcast right for EPL, LALIGA,UCL,FA CUP and so on. But to watch this channels, you will need a cccam. I will come to that later.

Now to track this bird on 9e, firstly you have to track zuku package (EAST)  with 111765 v 27500. After getting green on that tp ,change the polarization to 11765 H 27500, If you’re standing behind the dish, gradually search for the signal to your left, if you’re at the facing the dish, meaning you search to your left maintaining same position. on doing that, you should be able to hit green. Some have spent hours and days but couldn’t get it. Myself it took me 3 days to finally track it because the signal is weak and you need an original ku lnb. So this is not an easy task at all. But not to worry, wherever you are in Nigeria, just contact me, i will avail you a professional installer that will get it for you.

After you hit green with that TP, blindscan. Now you need cccam to open the channels.

You may ask what is cccam? cccam is just like let me say qsat that opens dsthieves. But the cccam is in the form of a url which is the server address, port, username and password.

Now if you’re using strong, press 8281 on your decoder, select cccam, enter the following details;


Port: 20000

Username: test114

Password: ia71

Now you have to connect your decoder to the internet using huawei 3G modem or LAN. when connected, you should be able to watch all the channels.

N:B; If you want to enjoy this packages, you have to get the cccam from me. You won’t see this post anywhere online or on any blog. Maybe with time, others will copy and change words and use it to eat up your money as cccam business is very risky. You could come to me for cccam and i will just copy any url, port and user, pass and give to you and eat your money. That’s how it could go. So to save your money, and get a legit service, check for my contact at the end of this post to get your own copy if you’re satisfied with the test account.

In Summary;

  • The new bird is an european beam happened to be receivable here in Nigeria
  • The use of cccam is at your own risk. cccam might become unstable at times, freezing, might go off for days due to attack from the satellites service providers and most times you get banned.
  • The cccam is very cheap. 10MB of data can serve you for 2-3 weeks
  • The cccam opens all the stations on 9e except Ote sports that work is still in progress.
  • You are guaranteed live soccer on all leagues and UCL as well as other entertainment.
  • I still recommend Andriod box if you asked me for advice. As cccam is also a cheat which can go off before or during your subscription.
  • If you’re still doubting Andriod box, you can get yourself 4.4m dish for hotbird and hispasat which you will still end up with cccam.
  • Alternatively, dstv hands are always open to welcome you to be milked
  • canalsat, canal sports1 -4 has lost EPL right for 3 years and if you think getting canal decoder will give you sport, you should visit google and read for yourself.
  • The only reliable device which will never expire, 1000% legal is Andriod box
  • To order for cccam or Andriod box, orders will be processed after payment confirmations. I don’t have to proof how legit we are as we have served more than  thousands of fans and followers within Nigeria and across africa. You can as well get your andriod box from jumia or konga, which is more expensive than mine, send me an email i will tweak it for you after you get it elsewhere but it’s not for free.

I can be reached through email (, whatsapp and calls, 07066330624)

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5 thoughts on “Watch EPL,UCL,LALIGA,FA CUP,EUROPA on Digisports 9 degree East

  1. I am useing 900hd and i need ccam to open the digisat how much ,also is there any fta good channels there?

  2. You be baba,pakogist.HD24 is now scramble on my HDSTRONG 4920 and the latest keys are nt opening the channel.what can i do? 2.pls i need correct sat that can giv me EPL,LALIGA but works on 90cm.

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