Watch EUROSPORT 1&2 on Android TV Box for AFCON 2017

Watch AFCON 2017 using Android TV Box on Eurosport 1 & 2. Never miss any sporting event or programme with your Android TV by your side. It should be your travelling companion because it is a very useful tool to have close by. The Android TV technology was created 3 years ago and is meant for Television addicts, people are always getting bored with local TV like DSTHIEVES, GoTHIEVES and the likes we want to stream quality, premium content like the on-going TV series, latest movies and LIVE sporting events like the on-going AFCON 2017 tournament.

What is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV box has the ability to transform any TV to a Smart TV, giving you access to live sporting events, television shows, movies, games and music all at your fingertips. Android TV has the name suggests is based on the Android operating system only difference is that it is tweaked to work for all Televisions and turn them to Smart Televisions so need to buy a smart TV when your old television can work fine with it.

Features of Android TV Box

Android TV can perform a lot of features but the most commonly used features are watching Netflix and playing YouTube videos. I have a list of more features they perform below.

What can i watch on Android TV Box?

  • Netflix
  • Stream YouTube
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Vevo
  • DailyMotion
  • Bloomberg TV+
  • Crunchyroll
  • English premier league EFL Cup and FA cup
  • Lalila
  • copa deh rel
  • Champions league
  • Europa Leagus
  • Italian and French leagues, bundesliga
  • International friendlies and cups competions
  • Cartoons, local and international movies, porn. Infact, where there’s entertainment, just call Andriod tv box.

EFL cup 2nd round tie with Liverpool vs Southampton (01/25/2017)

You can also play games on with the Android TV Box. 

  • Implosion – Never Lose Hope
  • GTA: Liberty City Stories
  • DuckTales Remastered
  • Asphalt 8 Airborne
  • Star Wars KOTOR
  • Badland
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Wolf Among Us
  • The Bard’s Tale
  • Machinarium
  • Inferno 2

Also install your favorite social media applications and surf through the internet

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Imo
  • Telegram etc etc


What are the things you need to have in place before you can enjoy an Android TV?

  • Buy an Android TV Box
  • You need internet access  connection
  • Get familiar with the XMBC User Interface: This allows you select the media and type of program you want to watch – movies, live sports, televisions show, cartoons, music and so on. The XMBC interface can be customized using different skins and navigation is quite easy to understand.
  • An add-on installer tool like Fusion or Kodi.




Watch AFCON 2017 using Android TV Box on Eurosport 1 & 2

So, what will it take for you to watch AFCON 2017 with your Android TV Box on Eurosport 1&2 channels after having all the above requirements met?

  • Buy Android TV Box from us
  • We Configure it and send to you
  • Install Add-ons if you wish
  • Navigate to station of your choice and stream LIVE!

This Article was written by Paularo my twin brother from different mother, He is a passionate ICT blogger who shares his own personal experience in every blog post. Visit his blog – Nairatips for more 100% original, unique & useful content if you are interested in learning new ICT related skills.

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