Watch local channels on new mytv with smart card

Incase you don’t know, you can watch all local channels on the new mytv platform on 16.0E with smart card. i mean this;


All you need to do is to get one of the card out there, either strong or old mytv, and pair it to your decoder, then you can now watch all local channels, i mean the NTA, channels tv etc.

Now the big question is, how do i pair the card to my decoder? It’s very simple, but yet many guys out there keep asking same question even when i already guide them and many other people are enjoying theirs.

To activate your card, or let me say pair you card to your decoder, just follow this simple guide;

Visit , register with your details, your name, address , phone number, etc, then enter the Smart Card Number (12 digits) on the body of the card, and then click on update. After completing that step, registering your card, then visit this link and enter the following details as on the pics below;

activate strong


  • Re-enter your smart card number
  • check at the body of your decoder, enter the serial number on the STB Serial Number box
  • Enter the code number on the body of your decoder in the STB Code Number field

After all done, just hit on activate. boom!!! all the local channels that is scrambled will start showing for free.

You can still use the multiple lnb holder to track MBC on 7w as primary and then attact starsat, 5E and as well add canalsat, Nss22w and enjoy your spycam for now on Qsat as well as MBC movies and SABC1 on starsat which is FTA.

Once i resolve all issues on my blog with content photocopiers, i will repost some of the articles i lost due to some wicked guys act out there and also release some bombs.

IPTV with over 3 thousand channels which also includes supersports is now available for you to enjoy on your andriod box. We have 3 , 6 and 12 months subscription. The guy also added all hotbird package and so many european packages on his IPTV server. It’s very stable and with 108KBps, it will stream perfectly. Data is too cheap now to ignore the enjoyment on IPTV packages on the andriod box. Don’t be left out.,07066330624. Order for andriod box, lnb holder.

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21 thoughts on “Watch local channels on new mytv with smart card

  1. Please what is the freq for the mbc and the sabc channels. Thank you for ur various post. I will surely get the android box.

    1. My cccam are showing the following channels,
      Mcm pop
      St series f1
      MCs extreme
      Combat sport
      Fine living
      St plus
      NBA TV HD
      AMC movies
      AMC series
      Times now
      Cti asia
      Fijian TV
      Zhejiang TV
      Beijing TV
      Tianjin TV
      Cctv entertainment
      China movie channel
      Henan world
      Dragon TV
      Jiangsu TV
      St Chinese homeland
      Tv3 drama
      Phoenix info
      Phoenix cne
      Cctv 4
      St world football HD
      St sports premium HD

      No ku band for HD 24 for Africa

  2. i like the analysis and will feed you back on the differences later in the day after confirmation b/c i bought my cccam from you.thanks for your apt response.

  3. i just got a smart cardfor my 4922a decoder and ive been trying to pair or even register it online but all theve been saying is invalid input. pls. whats the way forward here. thanks

  4. I got a smart card for my 4922 decoder and i want to pair it or register it on line how do i do it please?

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