Watch Rio 2016 Olympic on Eutelsat 9b 9.0E

After the demise of digisports on Eutelsat 9.0E, most of us taught that’s the end of the satellite. Multiple times on this blog, i have shared many pictures and channel list that’s still on 9.0E that still shows important football matches and competitions. Examples are the M1 families, w6 and w9 suisse, also we have the Duna channels, trace urban and trace sports, sports 1HD, AFN ,cartoon, BBC and porn channels. Good thing, more channels has just been added to the satellite and i still see high hope on the satellite for EPL next season. We still have the Ote sports family but yet to find solution to it.

Recently, M5 was among the new channels that was added to Eutelsat 9e, and incase you’re still thinking where to watch the Rio 2016 olympic, M1, M4 and M5 on Eutelsat 9.0E will broadcast live events from day 1 to end. To me, i still think this satellite is visible in all over Nigeria from 1m dish upwards, but up till date, many still find it difficult to track because it’s very tricky and requires a very good lnb and well aligned dish.


M5 HD channel on 9.0E

Also on same satellite, we have sport 1HD which will show Europa and champions league next season but it requires cccam to open it. Sport 1HD currently are showing the ICC tournament as i published earlier.


We also have the w6 and w9 and other FTAs on the same satellite showing champions league as well so it’s a matter of getting a good lnb and good dish to nail the sat. So i will advice you to give this a priority because it’s a big option for the next coming season which would be more competitive than the previous seasons. Just to let you know, for now, all the M1-M5 channels are currently FTA. Most times, M4 goes scrambled whenever they want to show any live events and cccam also opens the channels.

Your Sure Bet For 2016/2017 Football Season

With powervu, you get few matches, with big ugly dish (BUD), you select matches to watch but with cccam, paying #15,000 monthly to watch EPL whereby #5000 data can give you more than what you will pay #15,000 for isn’t a good idea. IPTV is making waves now and i can tell you, even student are affording it. It’s not necessarily unless i would have uploaded chats from lots of people watching matches on the andriod box with Etisalat Edge and Airtel Edge. In this 21st century, i’m still reading on so many forums that only 4G can stream IPTV which you yourself reading this knows it’s a lie. Good thing, those view centre operators are now using the andriod box and are making huge profits, so i don’t see any reason why you  shouldn’t consider opting for the box.

Apart from the andriod box which apps would be installed for you before shipping out,


we also have some other accessories that will make you really enjoy the box which is cheap and i bet you can’t get it in Nigeria here easily.


Air mouse

portable router

Portable 3G router with power bank.

If you think data is the barrier, read this article.  Available cheaper data options

Whatever your choice, the andriod box, cccam for zap tv and canalreunion, air mouse, portable wifi router, please email or whatsapp me;

(, 07066330624)


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  1. Good evening boss I’m Mr Larry from Ghana please I would like to know the best and most easiest tp to use in tracking 9E on 1meter thanks

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