Watch sportHD 24 with 90cm dish using scalar ring

Contrary to hundreds of articles and post about sporthd 24 that it can only be tracked with bigger dish, with 1000% confirmation, i can beat my hand on my chest to tell you guys that you can use your 90cm dish to track sport24 HD on NSS20 west with the help of scalar ring.You don’t need to start looking for a new apartment for you to use bigger dish.

You may ask what is a scalar ring? A scalar ring was recently introduced to the market for signal boosting. what 1.8m dish could do, 90cm will do it with the help of scalar ring.How possible? It is 100% possible. Take a look at the image below on how it look like and also that position is NSS 20W for sporthd 24 MTN worldwide.

scalar on 90cm


Scalar ring with Cband on 90cm dish (NSS 20 W)

To make this work, all you need to do is get a scalar ring, and also supermax lnb with di-electric plate with this TP 4129 v 15405 you should hit green.

This is a good news for those that can’t use a bigger dish because of the apartment they rent. Incase you don’t know, sportHD 24 shows exactly all what ss5 on supersport shows.

Many guys has been asking how possible to watch powervu channels on Qsat. The truth is, Qsat role out softwares for powervu on some of it decoders but it’s very buggy. what i meant is, when you load the software to your decoder, spycam will seize to work or not work the way it use to work. Though a new software was released to input keys manually, i got that email from them and they said it’s still on testing mode. when i tried to load it on my Qsat, it stopped at 40% and almost crashed my decoder. For now, stick with your strong decoder or get a strong decoder and don’t be fooled with all this noise about Auto roll decoders. None of them are working as per say. There’s no decoder that auto roll keys. They only auto update with the help of internet.It’s just another strategy being used by the chincos to milk us again. Strong 4922A is the best for powervu. Another best alternative is the Andriod box.

The battle is still on for dongle survival. When i asked one of the Qsat guys if we can still purchase account, he told me they don’t know. Meaning you should buy it at your own risk. when you cry, nobody will answer you.

To get an Andriod box,scalar ring and a good cband lnb with di-electric plate, reach me through email ( or whatsapp (07066330624). Those that knows and have done business with pakogist knows how i do my thing. Also if you need an installer anywhere across Nigeria, you can as well contact me to get you one.

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