Watch The UEFA Champions League on M4 Sports HD on Eutelsat 9.0E

While awaiting the engineers to role out software for our respective auto roll decoders for sport 24 HD, i want you guys to consider M4 sports on Eutelsat 9.0E.

M4 sports HD has full champions league right. But the thing is, it is’s always scrambled. No cccam account have been able to unscramble the channel. But just recently, a particular account has been able to do justice to it with great stability. You wouldn’t notice it, but it’s just there.

For those that already have the setup, 11958 V 27500 is the TP for M4 sports HD. The channel always appear twice after scanning. One is M4 sports Europa, while the other is M4 sports HD. M4 Europa is always temporarily FTA, but when there’s a live match, it would display an Hungarian language on the screen. While the other, it remains scrambled all time and could only be unscrambled using cccam.

The channel is available from 90cm dish across the western part of Nigeria and from 1.8m upwards, outside the west.  They only show one match per day. Meaning you would only see two matches Tuesday and Wednesday. Another thing is, it’s not an English station. SO if the commentary is irritating you, you can mute it, slot in a CD to your radio and listen to it while enjoying the match. The picture quality is superb. Resolution is 1080i. M4 sports is same position with AFN. But unfortunately, AFN sports only join the race from knockout stages.

UEFA champions league Barcelona FC – FC Juventus
live on M4 Sport HD @ 9.0E on 90cm in Nigeria

Tuesday 12/09/2017 – 8:45pm

This is only the best solution to the small dish users for now, until sport 24 comes back to our living room. But due to matches that would be clashing due to the 2018 FIFA world cup, you have to consider the Android TV box. You can’t always get what you want through satellites using cccam , irrespective the size of dish you use. Learn more about the Android box.

After tracking and scanning for the channel, contact me through whatsapp (07066330624, for cccam that opens M4 sports. It’s only one particular server that opens it, others doesn’t. Don’t be deceived. There are many accounts that opens 60% channels on Eutelsat 9.0E, but none can open M4 sport except the one you get from us. I only share what i know and what i have tasted and used.

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