What’s the Difference Between the Andriod tv Boxes You Sell?

There has been alot of guys out there advertising and starting to write on andriod boxes. The thing is, getting the right box and the other is, using it. I should have uploaded proofs of conversations and messages from numerous customers that purchases the box elsewhere for you to clearly understand what i meant here. I’m not opposing you getting it elsewhere or ordering from abroad. The thing is, when you get it, what next? Many has purchased it elsewhere and still one way or the other end up with pakogist for help in other to continue using the box as you will keep blowing money on data.

All of the boxes, essentially, do the same thing: give you access to FREE Tv and Movies. You are encouraged to spend what your budget allows. If you’re the type of person who needs the best, go with one of the higher end models. If you’re someone who wants a great deal, the MXQ ,MXQ-PRO or MX3 may be best for you. Or if you’re a “middle of the road” type of person, the M8S or M8 may be best for you. The higher end models will last longer, start up faster, browse through menus quicker, etc. There are other minor difference such as some boxes having Dual Band WiFi or Bluetooth, but these things aren’t necessary for most people’s uses. These are the kind of boxes we have in stock. The truth is, if you set your eyes on andriod tv box, you will like to get it with all cost, but the barrier is the data.

Let me tell you this, buying a brand new andriod box is same as getting a brand new phone. The best apps you would see installed on it is skype, facebook and gmail apps. You will only get preprogrammed box for kodi online, Just as you see old version of whatsapp in any brand new phone. You will never see a pre-configured andriod box online that would enable you stream for free as per say. It is only possible for those that are very good on andriod devices that won’t hard brick or soft brick the box that can perform that majic for you, that’s why we are most sooth for when it comes to andriod devices. If we sell andriod box for you, guaranteed, the most amount you will pay for streaming on the box is #350 weekly, if you’re lucky enough to have 4G network in your location, it’s free, free and free without paying a dime. This doesn’t apply to Nigerians alone but for those across Africa. No matter size of dish you have or numbers, you will never get 7% of channels on the andriod box. Local Nigerian movies, except you buy dsthieves plan, you will never get it with even 100m dish. The Android Tv Box is totally portable you can bring it anywhere connects in few seconds. You can use it in a dorm, cottage, vacations (hotels), friends house, family  anywhere there’s a internet connection it will work.

Is the Android Tv box legal to use?

The short answer is most definitely yes. Many people get confused between downloading (which is illegal) uploading copyright material (which is illegal) copying and selling material (which is illegal) and streaming-watching without downloading WHICH IS LEGAL !!.
The Android Tv Box does not download, upload, copy or store any Media and in fact has no connection or association with the sites that host (store) any media.
The Android Tv Box simply connects to sites and temporarily streams the data.
The data (Movies or TV shows etc.) passes through your internet cables, through the Android Tv Box to your TV and watched by you but is never stored, copied or retained.

If you want to buy andriod box and use it, enjoy your money, then you should give us a call, chat or email.

(info@pakogist.com, whatsapp and call 07066330624)



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