Why Digisports is still working despite rumors of going off (1st Update)

If you could recollect, Eutelsat 9.0E was first posted online by pakogist and few days later, it was photocopied around the web. Most of my images where copied and use as advert, just to sell cccam.

Now what i’m saying is, when it comes to real time update on satellites, most especially FTA, Eutelsat 9.0E to be precise, i have 100% update about the satellite. For some days now, i stopped selling cccam for 9.0E because of what we read from their official website. Currently, for those that has the setup, some channels are scrambled, some displaying “service Unavailable’ which was perfectly showing on 30th April, the channels on same platform with digisport.

Incase you don’t know, we have digisports on many platforms. Hungary,sk,CZ and on other european satellites on different countries.


I correctly predicted the Bwtv story few months later before it went off because i get my updates from 100% source. When powervu was discovered and using in Nigeria, i was seriously against the purchase of the decoder that was introduced  because i pretty know the end story. Before BWTV went off, the rate of key changes was so frequent that i was telling my friends that soon they will change encryption, but they taught i was drunk, same as HD 24. Today we all know the story, BWTV has gone finally, HD 24 is about to join.

Digisport hungary , according to it website, they marked April 30th, 2016 to terminate it contract with Austrasat. Digisports still showing after the said day it was marked to go off doesn’t mean all the rumors are fake. To be sincere, it’s true.  Without Notice, since it’s FTA, It will go off at anytime. Disregard any write ups you see or read online asking you to purchase cccam for 9 east because when it goes off, the seller will never reply you and your money will be gone.


As of 1st may, 2016, some qsat are working on canalsat with those that still has active spycam account. The other best and permanent alternative is to get yourself an Andriod box else you will keep wasting and stocking chinese decoders at home.

To know more about the andriod box, search on this blog, you will find many articles and videos.

info@pakogist.com, 07066330624, business purposes only.


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