Why you don’t need Gsky PowerVU decoder to watch PowerVU Premium Channels; FTA Updates and Qsat

For the past few weeks, there have been this talks about powervu. The chinese manufactured a decoder named “GSKY POWERVU DECODER”. Many saw it as a dongle why others see it as a one dish ten satellite decoder. what i meant by that is, most peeps thought that when they buy the decoder, after they track a satellite, all  the channels on the decoder will open automatically which is not true. As we always say the minimum dish size to receive powervu channels is from 1.8m, others are again confused just because they haven’t gotten to root of the matter. Last week a guy came to me that he wants to sell his 2.5m dish for me and use the money to buy Gsky decoder. He even asked me to pay 10 thousand naira that he wants to purchase 1.8m dish for mtn worldwide and gsky decoder. At the end of the day, i installed the latest patch for his strong, got him a premium package on powervu of about 200 channels and he told me he was mislead by a post from a blog. I disagreed with him as he was desperate as there is a popular saying that ” what you are looking for at sokoto,is inside your pocket”.

Let me break this down for you. The reason for Gsky powervu decoder is for those that are lazy and they knew that we Nigerians and Africans will always buy whatever they manufacture. All the features on powervu decoder is on strong. To me, strong is the preferred choice here as whenever a key is blocked, you can easily search and replace the key unlike gsky decoder that you will have to wait for a new software updates to update the channels that keys has been blocked. I tracked a package yesterday which has more than 200 premium channels.

IMG-20151025-WA0007 IMG-20151025-WA0030


Infact, if you’re lucky enough to get a good installer which is skilled, you can get over 500 premium packages on one dish. Mind you, the only sports channels on powervu for africa is from MTN worldwide. Others are movies,musics,cartoons, news and so on….

The most commonly questions being asked on how to make this possible without Gsky decoders will be answered here on this article.

Q. What are the sizes of dish to use?

A. From 1.8m dish.

Q. How can i make my strong receive powervu premium packages?

A. Visit Here and download the latest patch for your decoder.

Q. On Gsky decoder, there’s option for cccam,can be used as FTA,biss keys and IPTV.

A. All those features was copied from strong decoders. And strong is always the best for FTA,cccam and biss key.

Q. How and where can i get powervu premium package TP and keys for Africa?

A. The best site to get lastest and working powervu keys is this site HERE and i’m 100% certain that’s also where the chinese do get keys and TP for Gsky powervu decoder.

Q. How can i input Powervu keys on my strong?

A. After you track a satellite for powervu like example 03882 H 29620, all you need is press “8282” on your remote and scroll down until you see powervu,then press ok to edit the key to the one you want to use.



Q. How can we know satellite footprints for Africa?

A. www.lyngsat.com

Q. Gsky powervu decoder has sports channels for EPL.

A. It’s a typical lie. The only guaranteed sport channels on powervu for african beam is the MTN worldwide package which has 2 stations. The latest working keys are on pakogist.com. Whenever the keys stop working, gsky powervu decoder will stop as well until new working keys are out again.

Q. I can use it for IPTV as well.

A. You can even get free IPTV servers to use on strong decoders. If you really want to enjoy the world of IPTV, you go get an IPTV set top boxes or Andriod box which we have in stock and are the hottest sales in town.

If you still have more questions, you can use the comment box, and you will get a reply.

I have received so many emails and calls on some qsat not working why others are working. Mostly, the issues you face are caused by you.

1. You haven’t downloaded and run the latest software on your decoder.

2. You account has expired.

3. Others are watching canalsat and you load the new spycam software without buying spycam account thinking your previous account would still make it work.

4. Using Etisalat network which doesn’t work on qsat.

As at this post, champion TV, CBST are currently off, let me say scrambled. For now, there’s no update on both. It comes and go. Most times, champion tv requires biss key which am sure would be available soon.

Qsat as usual ,still off and on, freezing continues. If you really need uninterrupted and unlimited entertainment for sports, get yourself an Andriod Box and watch any live soccer match for just #70. More details about this can be found HERE



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      1. Please sir, I have ancloud p5 box which I got last October. The box want to send me back to village because it consume huge data. Please boss how do I reduce data consumption on box?

          1. IPTV is on it as well, also an option. FTA, no, because it can’t be blocked. 07066330624. Call or whatsapp.

  1. Hi, my fta decoder is FTE hd. Can I loàd power vu software on it ? If yes which version from your site? Thanks. Lawson

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