ZapTV and Canalreunion Packages for South and East Africa

As almost all my post and findings are only benefited by Nigerians, i did promised to dig out something for my followers in the Southern and Eastern Africa. According to my findings, this packages has been existing for a while now, but the issue is getting a reliable cccam server to do justice to the packages. As at this post, many of my followers that do contact me on whatsapp, email and telegram are already enjoying it.

ZapTv is the portugese version of Dsthieves  on 36B at 35.9°E while canalreunion are for the french speaking Africans on Eutelsat 16A at 16.0°E.  This satellites are currently visible on 60-90cm dish on the following countries in Africa. To mention few;



DR Congo






Reunion Republic


South Africa




Zimbabwe etc.

For list of packages on both satellite;

CanalSat Réunion on Eutelsat 16A at 16.0°E >

Zap on Eutelsat 36B at 35.9°E


With both packages, the above mentioned countries should be able to watch EPl, Laliga, Italian league, Europa, Lique one etc. Also there’re lots of entertainment packages on the satellite as well. Bein sports 1HD to 4HD, Natgeo wild HD, Discovery HD etc are all available on the canalreunion packages just to mention few.

Incase you’re wondering why i didn’t mentioned any West African country, the beam is very far from us. Like the ZapTv packages, we can get it from 300cm(3m) dish here in Nigeria, while canalreunion, we need around 440cm(4.4m) above to pick even 30 channels. So if you have the required dish size, you can opt for it.

Here’re are the tracking Tps for ZapTv>> 11221 V 30000, 11263 V 30000, 11304 V 30000, 11287 V 30000, 11429 V 30000. 

Here’re are the tracking Tps for canalreunion>> 10845 H 30000, 10887 H 30000, 11471 H 30000, 11512 H 30000, 11637 H 30000

After tracking and blindscan, you will need a cccam account to view it as all the channels there are encrypted. I have a dedicated account for both packages, 98% uptime. So if you track both packages, you will need two (2) cccam account to watch it. To learn how to use cccam on strong and qsat decoders, please search my blog for it.

To contact me for cccam to open the packages, please send email to ( or whatsapp me (07066330624)

For those in Nigeria, the only solution for EPl is to go for Andriod Tv box.

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18 thoughts on “ZapTV and Canalreunion Packages for South and East Africa

  1. This Zaptv we can’t received in western Nigeria and what size of dish can track it moreover how much is ya acct for sat.I need quick response,Mr Pako.Thanks

  2. Sir, I’m in Kenya , does it means that with same dish position, dish size and Open box decorder that i was using to decrypt DSthieves by Azysky I just need to buy a ccam account to get zap tv?
    Thank you

  3. Hi
    I am from Mauritius and I bought a decoder with cccam account for 1 year on Internet. I am connected to astra 19.2E and inserted the 3 clines which were given to me. However the channels are still scrambled except for 2 which are free to air. I was wondering if you could help me sort out this issue.

    1. you cant get astra 19.2E sat from Mauritius ..its not within Mauritius Coverage.. Try looking for EULELSAT 16 or EUTELSAT 36 for canal,parabole or DSTV.

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